African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), founded in 1961, is an international conservation organization that focuses on critically important landscapes in Africa. AWF has remained a key supporter, providing funding,

technical support, training and overall guidance for the project from inception. AWF have been instrumental to the overall accomplishment of the project’s objectives.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation (RSGF)

The Rufford Foundation is a trust based in the United Kingdom that funds nature conservation projects to small or medium-sized organizations in developing countries. The Foundation through the Small Grants for Nature Foundation supported the project in 2012 with additional funding for continuation work in southwest sites in 2013. This support was significant to kick-starting field activities in the project.

Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation

The mission of the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation (MMBF) is to contribute to global biodiversity conservation by providing strategically targeted, catalytic support for the conservation of endangered nonhuman primates and their natural habitats. The MMBF provided funds for the project that allowed us to commence relevant activities to survey chimpanzees in priority sites in the Niger Delta.



Primate Society of Great Britain

PSGB, the UK’s national primatological society, is dedicated to the advancement of primate research, conservation, and captive care. The Society publishes Primate Eye, three times a year, and celebrates primatology at Spring and Winter conferences each year. I invite you to become a member of our vibrant Society and, as a member or a visitor, keep up to date with primatology in the UK via our website. I encourage you to engage with PSGB in attending to the needs of primates around the world. By joining together in large numbers we can represent the needs of primates and their habitats better and help reverse the trends towards extinction.

Primate Conservation Incorporated (PCI)

Primate Conservation, Inc. (PCI) supports field research on primate behavior, ecology and conservation on the least known and most endangered primates in the world. The organization gave the initial funding that commenced work on the critically endangered Niger Delta Red Colobus Monkey.


The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is a significant philanthropic endowment established to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field of species conservation and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate. To date the fund has awarded over 1600 grants to a diverse range of species across the world.

Conservation International – Primate Action Fund

People need nature — and for almost 30 years, Conservation International has worked to protect it. Through cutting-edge science, innovative policy and global reach, we empower people to protect the nature that we rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods.



The Explorer’s Club

The Explorers Club is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of field exploration and scientific inquiry. Through the Explorer’s Club Exploration Fund, conservation research on the Niger Delta red colobus monkey was sustained for another year including associated activities

Eddie Bauer Holding Inc.

Through the Eddie bauer Grants for Expeditions in conjunction with the Explorers Club, the company Eddie Bauer Holding Inc. gave the project field gears from their store. The Eddie Bauer Holdings Inc. is a  company that operates the Eddie Bauer clothing store chain, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, United States.Eddie Bauer offers signature outerwear, clothing, shoes, bedding & world-class gear for men, women & kids.

Ecosys Action Foundation

ECO-SYS ACTION fights for the protection of threatened species and habitat by helping communities establish environmentally sustainable solutions in which conservation is more profitable than destruction. Because kids are today’s inspiration and tomorrow’s decision makers, ECO-SYS ACTION recognizes their importance when offering a global vision which includes health, education, economy, and the environment, to targeted communities



The Federal Ministry of Environment



(Federal Department of Forestry)

Ondo State Ministry of Natural Resources

(Department of Wildlife Conservation, Parks and Ecotourism)

Bayelsa State Ministry of Environment

(Department of Forestry)


Threatened Resource Conservation Centre (TRCC)

As one of local NGOs operating in the Niger Delta and South-East regions of the country, we are collaborating with TRCC to determine chimpanzee populations present within possible priority areas identified in the species action plan.

Green Concern for Development (GREENCODE)/Mangrove Action Project

GREENCODE with its U.S. partner Mangrove Action Project have been working for several years to conserve mangrove ecosystems and support dependent local mangrove communities cope with the environmental degradation by promoting conservation and human rights protection in coastal communities of the Niger Delta through education, training, research and direct community intervention. Our project in association with GREENCODE is currently exploring possible ways to bring conservation benefits in mangrove ecosystems of the Niger Delta.

Copenhagen Zoo – Department of Research and Conservation

The project is collaborating with Dr. Christina Hvilsom of the Copenhagen Zoo’s Research and Conservation Department to facilitate genetic analysis of chimpanzee samples collected in the field. The scienitific laboratory is also facilitating the shipping and CITES permit required for these samples to reach the lab.