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Conserving chimpanzees and their habitats in southwest and Niger Delta Nigeria
The Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) has the lowest population size of all the four chimp subspecies and it has a very restricted distribution in Nigeria and Cameroon. The overall aim of this project is to enhance the conservation of the highly threatened populations surviving in four priority sites in south-western and Niger Delta Nigeria through conservation-focused research, stakeholder involvement, systematic conservation planning, and community outreach and policy advocacy.  The project will contribute towards species-based and landscape level conservation as well as increase local and scientific knowledge of this endangered species and ecosystem over the next five to eight years. In the first instance, since 2012 we have embarked on wide-ranging surveys of chimpanzees within a cumulative area(s) of over 500000ha of forest ecosystems in the SW and Niger Delta of Nigeria.

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  • Nigeria: status, threats, and strategies for conservation.

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