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Community Conservation Education as a tool to sustainably manage remnant forests in forest communities.

Our project is taking several different approaches to education and outreach in communities living within and around forest areas.

In collaboration with the Ecosys Action Foundation, we are establishing conservation education programs in primary schools (Ages 4 – 12) within communities where we work. In the first instance, the project aims to provide relevant educational materials such as comic books illustrating conservation issues of critical wildlife species and giving out stuffed toys of wildlife occurring in the forests where they live as souvenirs. For secondary schools (Ages 13 – 20), through a trained local teacher, monthly classes are be organized in each school using posters and a curriculum designed by the project. We also aim to establish conservation ambassador clubs where field trips, award competitions and TV shows can be organized and promoted.

In addition, Conflict Mitigation Workshops are be organized for certain groups such as the Hunters’ Association, Farmers’ Association etc., where they can also be trained on alternative sources of livelihood for example, beekeeping, snail farming, fish pond management and so on. Occasionally, TV shows are also be organized in the community village squares or town halls where documentaries are shown and discussion forums are initiated.