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Media-based conservation drive

The well-known effect of forest loss leading to species extinction and climate change amongst other things is real and its realties are no longer ambiguous. We believe that no one should expect the spirit of involvement and cooperation in mitigating this threat without the abundance of information even to the most uninformed person.

This is a proposed project in collaboration with major media companies in Nigeria and Abroad. The concept of the project is an advocacy and communication strategy to create awareness about prevalent environmental problems through informal education. The project will exploit and utilize the power of imagery and language to inspire the general public including governments and institutions to join the cause for conservation of forests and wildlife, environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change.

The idea is to use captivating images, videos and conversational style language packaged in high resolution and quality to appeal to the target audience – the general public in an attempt to blend education with entertainment. More details on the project will be provided when ready.